Cutting-Edge Revision & Exam Skills Programme with Video Workshops & Resources to Secure Exam Success in All Subjects

Effective revision can make up to 1.5 grades difference to exam results, but most students are not revising effectively.

Is your child studying for their exams? Do they feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material to be revised, and are struggling to know where to start? Are you fed up of nagging them but worried that if you back off completely they will not achieve their full potential?

Designed for students in years 10 – 13, our annual subscription gives your teenager access to our unique portal containing a programme of video tutorials and accompanying resources. 

Radical Revision is not…

  • The same old revision skills touched on in schools. Our bank of cutting-edge, proven strategies will engage even the most reluctant and anxious student.
  • Subject specific tutoring – our revision skills can help your child to exam success in all subjects.

An annual subscription to Radical Revision includes access to the Radical Revision online portal of video workshops & resources for a full academic year.

Each of the 6 workshops in the programme is available in pre-recorded format to be watched on-demand as many times as you wish. The portal also includes resources covering:

  • Getting Organised
  • Strengthening Memory
  • Keeping Calm & Staying Motivated
  • Exam Technique
  • Past Papers
  • Resources for parents

There is also a pre-recorded parent webinar ‘How to Be your Teen’s Best Revision Partner‘ & other useful resources for parents.

The programme of workshops is delivered by Claire Gadsby – an internationally renowned educational expert, author and past examiner.

Each session consists of 30 minutes of interactive revision, demonstrated and lead by Claire.


Here is what our most recent Radical Revision cohort are saying about the programme…

PS: the student in question went on to achieve above his target grades… here is his mum’s post-results email:

Thank you so much! He placed in the top 15 in his year group and was the third highest boy! We are so pleased! Slow and steady revision won the race!

Session 1

Get organised, get motivated, get going preparing the right mindset for success

We will: 

  • Explore some of the myths about revision and find out that not everything needs to be revised! 
  • Show you how to identify your individual priority areas for revision. 
  • Reveal your current mindset and its impact on achievement.
  • Show that revision can – and should be – easy and fun!

Power strategy : Frayer Models & KWLP grid

Session 2

Make it manageable – proven methods to condense information

We will: 

  • Share tips to stop you being overwhelmed by the amount of content.
  • Begin the process of summarising key learning for easy revision later. 
  • Learn quick hacks for finding important information.

Power strategy: New Cornell notes & Meta Maths

Session 3

Boost your memory – learn it for longer & learning with others

 We will: 

  • Look at what science teaches us about forgetting. 
  • Gain quick tips to ensure your learning lasts for longer. 
  • Learn 5 proven strategies for strengthening your memory. 
  • Demonstrate how someone else can help you to revise even more effectively.
  • Show you quick strategies to make revision more active.
  • Focus on more verbal revision strategies.

Power strategy: ‘Lucky Dip’ Learning 

Session 4

Do it differently – new ways of revisiting old information

We will: 

  • Learn why variety is an important ingredient in effective revision. 
  • Learn ways to mix-up your revision diet. 
  • Experiment with new revision formats and find your favourites. 

Power strategy: Wordless, Turn A Word & 30 Circles

Session 5

Guest Expert Session – Managing Stress & Keeping Motivated

This session is held by Jackie Beere. Following a career in teaching which saw her go from teaching assistant to headteacher of a large secondary school, Jackie is now a highly respected coach & educational consultant. She is the author of an inspiring self-development book ‘GROW – Change your mindset change your life’ and is passionate about empowering children to find their innate resilience through managing their thinking.

Session 6

Exam room technique: Top Tips for the night before and the morning of the exam.

We will: 

  • Share proven strategies for keeping calm and performing at your best.
  • Show you what the most successful pupils do in the first and last minutes of any exam. 
  • Deal with any remaining queries and concerns.  

Power strategy: Don’t M.U.C.K. Up! 

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