Cutting-Edge Revision Skills Programme with Video Workshops & Resources to Secure Exam Success in All Subjects

Effective revision can make up to 1.5 grades difference to exam results, but most students are not revising effectively.

At Radical Revision we can boost the progress of ALL your students. Based on the latest international research, our cutting-edge revision techniques have been helping pupils to exam success for over 10 years.

Designed for all Yr 10 – Yr 13 students, our annual subscription gives each pupil access to our unique portal containing a programme of video tutorials and accompanying resources designed to slot into tutor time, or to be followed by students independently.

1 Subscription : 6 Key Benefits


A unique online revision and exam skills programme to prepare pupils for successful exams in all subjects.


For pupils: access to a portal full of resources, video tutorials and challenges designed to make revision both effective and fun.


For teachers: short video tutorials and resources that are ideal for use in tutor time + expert guidance on how to develop dynamic revision environments and optimise the impact of mock examinations.


For parents: designated parent sessions where we teach them how to act as active revision partners for their children.


Proven to develop pupils’ meta-cognitive and self-regulatory skills as well as boost motivation & organisation.


Delivered by Claire Gadsby – an internationally renowned educational expert, author and past examiner.

Working With Claire in Person

Kick-Start your School’s Radical Revision Journey by Inviting Claire into your school to deliver an enhanced and extended version of Workshop 1. This dynamic workshop is suitable for all Yr 10 – Yr 13 students and includes very active and collaborative activities designed to motivate even the most reluctant reviser.

Claire is also available to deliver in-person Parent Workshops which are designed to equip parents with the tools they need to be their child’s best revision partner. This highly practical workshop includes an extended range of strategies and resources to the one included in the standard subscription.

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