When is the right time to start revising (and why)? 

The answer is it is never too early to start. Too many learners assume that revising closer to the exams is a good idea but that is actually ineffective because things need to be revised more than once. At Radical Revision we recommend a ‘little and often’ approach starting from January of year 11 or 13. The idea is that every topic is revised and then re-visited at least twice.

Latest neuroscience means we now know more than ever before about learning and memory. Two of the biggest findings are the need for spaced practice and interleaving and not all schools are routinely teaching students how to apply these principles to their revision. 

Students need to be organised and make sure they revise a topic and then leave a suitable gap of days or weeks before revising that same topic again. At Radical Revision we first teach students how to break their revision down into manageable chunks. We then provide them with the tools they need to sequence their revision to make it more memorable. 

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