I should have called her Rocky

What I have learned from Lilly, our three-legged Cavapoo…

After Lilly our Cavapoo puppy lost her leg at just 3 months old, she had to fight so hard to literally move forward again. Watching her used to make me cry – but it also reminded me of something important and it’s this:

If you really want something, you will stop at nothing to get it.

Part of our job as parents is to inspire our kids to want to succeed and to strengthen their self- belief. We need them to know that they can and will achieve if they find their focus and work smart.

Do you know the other amazing thing about Lily though ? She has no problem asking for help. When she gets tired on her walk, she has zero embarrassment about falling at my feet and letting  me know that  it’s time for me to carry her.

Today’s take away tip:

If in doubt think W.W.L.D? (What would Lily do?). Remind your child regularly just how fab they are and that they too are capable of anything they set their minds to. Remember too that each of us can achieve even more with the right help and support. The pandemic has been unspeakably difficult for all of us, but our youngsters have suffered in a uniquely sad way. Now is the time to help them all to come back better and stronger.

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